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Bill at the Collin County Observer is back again with a commentary & article on the DA’s office going after local officials. I will not be commenting.  Below is his unedited article. You may also want see a very active discussion on his "comments page."

Two local judges targets of grand jury investigations


The Collin County Observer has learned that two Collin County judges are currently the targets of seperate grand jury investigations. Court house observers I have spoken with suspect that both investigations are politically motivated.

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Recently, the former judge of County Court Four, Judge Ray Wheless was appointed to the 366th District Court. This leaves an open court. I have heard of many names that may be running for the open seat. As with before, I am only profiling those candidates who have either directly told me they are running, or have a campaign website up. If you are running for this bench and would like to be added here, please let me know and I will add you.


Linda Wynn Drain is a currently in private practice as founding partner of Nolte, Drain & Rosenthal, PLLC in McKinney. Her experience includes experience includes criminal, civil, family, juvenile, personal injury, and wills & probate law. Mrs. Drain served as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney and Felony Prosecutor for Collin County’s District Attorney’s Office. She is also a founding Member of Collin County Bench Bar Foundation.

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I was informed today that long time sitting judge, Judge Jerry Lewis of Collin County Court Two has drawn an opponent, Sharon Ramage. I spoke with Sharon today who is going to email me some information about her campaign and a photo.  However, I am impatient and pulled stuff from her website. I will update as needed. . . .

Considering there are several other open benches, most attorneys in the area were surprised at the news.  But it does makes some sense considering each of the open benches have already garnered several candidates. See other posts on County Court 3, County Court 6, and District Court 219th.

Below are the candidates for the race:

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Recently, Judge Greg Willis stepped down from his Collin County Court Six bench to pursue a run for Collin County District Attorney. Several attorneys have announced a run for his former bench. I have heard many names thrown out as possible candidates. I am including only those who have personally told me they are running, or anyone that has a campaign website up. If you are planning on running for this court, contact me and I will add you to this article.

SHAWN ISMAIL mast_maroon

Mr. Ismail established a general practice in Plano doing primarily litigation, criminal defense and immigration law. He handles matters ranging from consumer protection and business litigation to misdemeanor and felony criminal trials.

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This election cycle, the 219th District Court has an opening.  Judge Curt Henderson has announced that he will not seek re-election.  Until recently, there was only one candidate, Scott Becker, actively campaigning for the bench.  It was rumored that Greg Willis would run for the bench, however, he has announced plans to become the next district attorney.  On Friday, a new candidate, Angela Tucker sent out a press release, stating her plans to run for the 219th.  Angela previously entered the race for Collin County Court 3, but changed her plans to seek the district bench instead.  Additionally, a new candidate, Wendy McMillon has also announced her candidacy.

Here are the candidates:


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I have not written about a recent DWI incident because I didn’t want to soil the names of  prosecutors accused of wrongdoing.  Those accused have now found their names in print and put on TV.  I have chosen not to add their names to this article.

WFAA & the Collin County Observer have published stories, so I guess on a small scale, the cat is now out of the bag about the “story.”  Which in my opinion is not much of a story at all.

The truth is, if these reporters personally knew the stellar reputations of the two prosecutors accused and the great reputation of the defense attorney accused versus the young prosecutor accuser, they wouldn’t have been so quick to believe what they heard from the accuser.

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The race for the next Collin County District Attorney is gaining momentum.  Yesterday, on the courthouse steps, former judge Greg Willis announced he is running for the soon to be vacant spot.


Greg resigned  his former position as County Court Six Judge in order to run for District Attorney.  Greg is a former Collin County prosecutor and also private practice attorney.  More about Greg can be found on his website

His announcement places him in the running with several other candidates who have also publicly announced their intentions to run.

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Well, more drama and shifting is going on in the Collin County Courts.  I reported a while ago about who might be the new judges in Collin County . Since then there have been some more changes and shifting. 

As before, much of this info isn’t verified, and mostly courthouse gossip.  So don’t take everything at face value.  No real sources, comments from participants, etc.

First off, let me explain what I believe to be the rules on Sitting Judges running for other benches.  I’ve been asked this a lot.  If, say, a county court judge wants to run for a District Judge bench, he or she may do one of two things.  They can, a) announce now and begin the  race.  This however will force them to step down from their current bench.  Or, b) wait until a prescribed time (I believe Jan 1) to announce.  If this is done, they may retain the bench until the end of the cycle (Dec.31, 2009).  

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Congratulations to current Collin County Court 4 Judge Ray Wheless who was appointed to the 366th Judicial District Court recently vacated by Greg Brewer.  At the time of this post, it was not yet listed on the Governor’s website.

Judge Wheless is a great judge and will make a great District Judge.  Judge Wheless also runs Collin County’s DWI/Drug Court.  (I believe Judge Dan Wilson in Court 5 will be starting one as well soon)

This now will open up his court for an appointment by the Collin County Commissioners.  Hopefully whoever takes over the helm at Court 4 will continue running the Drug/DWI court.  It has helped a lot of people, our clients included.

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