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New 366th District Judge – Judge Ray Wheless

Congratulations to current Collin County Court 4 Judge Ray Wheless who was appointed to the 366th Judicial District Court recently vacated by Greg Brewer.  At the time of this post, it was not yet listed on the Governor’s website.

Judge Wheless is a great judge and will make a great District Judge.  Judge Wheless also runs Collin County’s DWI/Drug Court.  (I believe Judge Dan Wilson in Court 5 will be starting one as well soon)

This now will open up his court for an appointment by the Collin County Commissioners.  Hopefully whoever takes over the helm at Court 4 will continue running the Drug/DWI court.  It has helped a lot of people, our clients included.

For an idea of how this will shift the judicial races, take a look at my previous post of "who will be the next Collin County Judges".  I will do a new post soon updating the ever shifting benches.  There should be a lot of changes in the county, especially with the recent announcement that John Roach will not be running for re-election

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