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How About Some Mold With Your Probation?

moldWe are constantly informing our clients about the potential horrors of being on probation (also called community supervision).  Often, getting probation doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t going to jail.  Sometimes, it just means you are not going to jail “yet.”

Lots can go wrong while you are on probation.  Court costs add up fast.  Want to travel with family or for work? There’s no app for that, you’ll have to ask permission first.  Hopefully your probation officer, the overworked and underpaid one, will allow it or return your call in time. Late to a meeting can mean a long trip to the pokey.

On top of all this, it seems you have a new pitfall to deal with.  The building housing the probation office (adult and juvenile!) is infected with mold.  So far the county has spent over $200,000 on fixing it.  Estimates are going as high as half a million dollars to fix it!

Kind of makes a trial or even a short jail sentence feel like a better option, doesn’t it!

Editors Note: That’s not a picture of actual mold in the Collin County building — it is just a gross picture of mold to disgust and horrify our readers . . .

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