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Collin County DWI cases often involve license suspension issues along with the criminal cases. Should your license be suspended as a result of a criminal conviction, or as part of an administrative suspension (ALR suspension), odds are you are going to want to be driving legally again.

In order to be driving legally, you must obtain an occupational drivers license.  An “ODL” has several requirements before being granted by the judge and by DPS.  One of the most confusing to many has always been the requirement of SR-22 insurance.  For the past 8 years our office has maintained a close relationship with one of the fastest and best SR-22 providers out there, Jay Freeman of Accurate Concept Insurance.

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I am often asked the question,

"What is SR-22 Insurance?"

SR-22 insurance policy is a note held on file by the DPS. It is an extra charge you pay for your insurance carrier to communicate directly with DPS. DPS will hold your proof of insurance in their system, and whenever there is a lapse of insurance your carrier will contact DPS, possibly resulting in another suspended license.

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