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I have been recently asked:

You stated: "You will receive almost identical punishment if you are found guilty
after trial."

If one is found Guilty, is the punishment generally the same as was
offered in the plea bargain, or generally the full penalty?

While I can never predict the future, no judge in the counties I practice in will ever assess a maximum punishment for a first time DWI offender with no history. Standard "plea bargain" punishment before trial, or after trial are almost always the same. Between 1 and 2 years probation, a fine between $300-$800, 24-40 hours of community service, and alcohol awareness courses.

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I am often asked the question,

"What is SR-22 Insurance?"

SR-22 insurance policy is a note held on file by the DPS. It is an extra charge you pay for your insurance carrier to communicate directly with DPS. DPS will hold your proof of insurance in their system, and whenever there is a lapse of insurance your carrier will contact DPS, possibly resulting in another suspended license.

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"I was just arrested for DWI 2nd… what will this do to my license?"

The answer to this question in Texas is complex, and depends on many factors that are not known based on the question. I would need to know if you refused to submit to a breath test, and how recently you had "ALR Contact" and how recently your prior DWI Conviction was.

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