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I had to point out that DWI attorney Ken Gibson made his triumphant return to blogging today after over a year hiatus.

In his post, Ken details the problems with forced blood draw, and examines why the Austin Police cheif cant seem to get the message.  Makes you wonder about what the motivation is behind the forced blood draws.

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Congrats to Troy Burleson of Plano, TX on the start of his new blog, the Plano DWI Lawyer Blog.  Guess I’m no longer the only local guy blogging on DWI issues in the Collin County.

Troy has started off with a bang with such topics as:

Troy is a fierce advocate for his clients, and handles DWI, Toll Tag Violations, Expunctions & Non-Disclosures, Drug Possession, Theft/Shoplifting & Assault, Youthful Offenders, Traffic Tickets, Parole & Probation Violations.

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It would seem that State Rep. Scott Inman of Oklahoma came up with the perfect way to curb DWI’s.  His bill would require anyone who is convicted to have it printed on their drivers license for four years.

I found the story  Inman Wants DUI, DWI Information On Licenses on the The McCarville Report Online, which follows OK political news.

Apparently Representative Inman believes that this will "alert" bartenders to the license holder’s propensity to drink and drive and cause them to be cut off.

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Thanks to Tom Mighal from the Inter Alia blawg for making my site the "blawg of the day" recently.  Tom is the senior counsel at Cowles & Thompson in Dallas.  His site has turned me on to several other good blawgs that I would not have otherwise known.

Tom was also recently featured on Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs

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Congratulations to new DUI / Criminal Defense Blogger Steven D. Eversole, on his new Alabama DUI & Criminal Defense Law Blog.

Steven has already gotten started with some great blog posts including:

We are all looking forward to seeing this blog develop!

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Thanks to Rob La Gatta for pointing out my top ranking of the top 10 lawyer profiles viewed at the Avvo lawyer rating site last week. . . apparently I was #5 of the most viewed lawyers. 

I’m not entirely sure what this means for me personally, but certainly it is nothing negative.   Avvo is a new website that claims to give "unbiased ratings" of attorneys.  They have an interesting system that calculates your experience, industry recognition, and professional conduct.  According to them, I am "Very Good."  Of course, I have never been interviewed, or even met anyone affiliated from their site.

In the end, the only true way to find a lawyer you like is to meet them for yourself, and ask them the questions YOU want answered.  That is why I always offer a free DWI consultation.

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