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Oklahoma’s New Scarlet Letters . . “D.W.I.”

It would seem that State Rep. Scott Inman of Oklahoma came up with the perfect way to curb DWI’s.  His bill would require anyone who is convicted to have it printed on their drivers license for four years.

I found the story  Inman Wants DUI, DWI Information On Licenses on the The McCarville Report Online, which follows OK political news.

Apparently Representative Inman believes that this will "alert" bartenders to the license holder’s propensity to drink and drive and cause them to be cut off.

He explains:

This is a measure that I believe will help reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths by providing information to the drinking establishments that this person has a history of drinking and driving while intoxicated," said Inman, D-Del City. "Hopefully, the establishment will stop serving the customer after a few drinks. It’s a way to help the industry police itself and to protect not only its customers, but also the thousands of innocent victims out there who die every year because of drunk drivers.

What about every time this person goes to use their license for non-alcohol related activities?  Does the guy you are cashing a check with really need to know this information?

I also think this is pretty dumb, considering I am 30 (and look it), and I only get carded about one out of every 10 times at the most.

Maybe if this is implemented in Texas, they can use the $3,000-$6,000 surcharge to pay for it….

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