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So far, the best lecture has been put on by Attorney Mimi Coffee.  Mimi practices in Ft. Worth, and also Dallas, I believe.  

She went over how to knock a breath test down, piece by piece, and get show how low the score could be. Her speech was a significantly easier topic, considering Texas uses the old and outdated Intoxilyzer 5000.

First, you go through the setup stage during your cross examination.

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Well, the ALR Update and "They key to obtaining evidence for a blood test case" is going on now.

So far, all of the updates that were given, I have covered in the past.  Most of them deal with items I have already gone over in a the past post "Everything You Need To Know About the New ALR Rules.  I’ll stick to new things I learn. . . Mostly about the blood test cases, especially voluntary blood draws.  Because if it is a blood warrant case, SOAH just deals with the case as a refusal, so not much changes. 

The speaker said he spoke to a local SOAH judge, who said that he needs to really go over the new changes.  Because in their opinion, there have only been 5 attorneys who are now doing it correctly! (I assume I’m in that minority!!)

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Right now I’m listening to a speaker talking about Felony DWI Jury Selection, and really Felony DWI’s in general.

Felony DWI’s are a much different beast than the misdemeanor DWI.  This is because of:

a) The punishment range.  Felony DWIs (usually DWI 3rds or higher) have punishment ranges from 2-10 years in prison.
b) The jury knows about your 2 priors

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Thought I’d give the "live blogging" thing a try today.  Today I am attending the DWI Defense Project seminar at the Belo Mansion in Dallas.

Topics covered today are:

– Felony DWI Jury Selection
– Blood Testing: What you must know about the science
– Defending Hospital Blood Draws
– ALR: The key to obtaining evidence in a blood test case
– Cross Ex. of the State’s expert in a Breath Test Case
– Exposing Flaws in the Search Warrant of a DWI Blood Test Case
– DWI Trial Strategy
– Pretrial Motions to obtain Evidence to give your blood test expert
– Ethics in a DWI Trial
– Voir Dire Strategy : Positioning to Win

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