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Live Blogging – From the DWI Defense Project, Dallas

Thought I’d give the "live blogging" thing a try today.  Today I am attending the DWI Defense Project seminar at the Belo Mansion in Dallas.

Topics covered today are:

– Felony DWI Jury Selection
– Blood Testing: What you must know about the science
– Defending Hospital Blood Draws
– ALR: The key to obtaining evidence in a blood test case
– Cross Ex. of the State’s expert in a Breath Test Case
– Exposing Flaws in the Search Warrant of a DWI Blood Test Case
– DWI Trial Strategy
– Pretrial Motions to obtain Evidence to give your blood test expert
– Ethics in a DWI Trial
– Voir Dire Strategy : Positioning to Win

I wonder if other bloggers will be joining me live in the discussion?  I know Robert Guest told me he’d be here.  Not sure if Shawn Matlock, Jamie Spencer, or maybe even Mark Bennett from Houston will be here???  I know Troy Burleson has court obligations and cannot attend . . .

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