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It seems as if the Federal Government is now getting into the mix of deciding what the individual states should and should not be allowed to do to punish first time DWI / DUI offenders.

Today, an article in the USA today explained that the Federal Government has a pending bill that would tie in government funding for roads to the conditions of probation on a  DWI first.  According to the article, if States do not make Ignition Interlock devices a requirement as a condition of probation for DWI 1st. 


I’ve always heard that this is how the Government got Louisiana to up their drinking age to 21 . . by tying road funding to it.  But I don’t know if that is true. 

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A recent article in the Dallas Morning News is talking about a new law passed by Texas to help nab more uninsured motorists.

The topic of this post is not whether or not it is a good law, waste of time, etc., but rather who helped champion the law…. Yup, MADD.

In the article, it tells us that:

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I read an article today on the online version of the Tyler Morning Telegraph.  It is entitled "MADD President: More To Be Done To Prevent Deaths." 

Some interesting thoughts of MADD… Here are some of the quotes of MADD’s political agenda and hopes to remove all free will from our citizens…

Ms. Knox said MADD’s goal is to eliminate drunken driving by separating alcohol from cars.

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Apparently some other groups are getting into the court watching program too.

Christian court watches keep tabs on judges, is the title of CNN’s article on the subject.

This Kentucky group has been getting in on the action as well.  It appears that their motives are more for drug offenders when they watch the courts.

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In another attempt to influence the Courts, the New Mexico chapter of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), has decided to pay $30,000 – $40,000 per year (per person)  in order to "monitor" DWI and DUI in the local courtroom, and the activities of judges and prosecutors.  Oh yeah.. they are hiring 5 full time people to perform this service.

Problem 1:
Political/lobbyist organizations using taxpayer money

I wouldn’t be quite as much against this proposition if the funds for the "monitors" was raised independently.  In my opinion, any organization can do whatever they want with their money, and pursue the goals of their organization.  But here, they received $400,000 grant from the state Traffic Safety Bureau.  Taxpayer money going to a political organization.. I see major problems with that.

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