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It appears a local crime victim has dies of injuries.  Reports are unclear as to whether the death is related to injuries sustained from the initial crime.

I snapped this photo recently of the "Crime Victim Tree" planted just outside of the new Collin County Courthouse.


As you can see, the tree has been removed and all that remains is a bit of the stump below.

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Drunk Driving – Over the Limit. Under Arrest.  Cops are cracking down. 

This is one of just many new slogans that are being used.  (I blogged previously about the Drink, Drive, Go to Jail campaign).

Although I definitely prefer this campaign to the Drink, Drive, Go to Jail campaign, but I note one big problem with this campaign.  As far as I know (and definitely in Texas), you are always arrested BEFORE there is any test to see if you are over the limit.

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Drink, Drive, Go To Jail… Right?  WRONG.


One of the most popular quotes/slogans/etc. is the "Drink,Drive, Go To Jail" slogan.  The unfortunate thing is, it’s flat out incorrect.

It is not against the law to have a drink and drive a car, as long as you are not impaired.  Depending on the state, each state will have a different law as to the amount of impairment before it is illegal to drive.  However, no state has a zero tolerance police regarding drinking and driving (except for minors).  In Texas, one can only be convicted of driving while intoxicated if they have lost the normal use of their mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol into the body, or by having an alcohol concentration of above .08 in their body.

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