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Crime Victim Dies of Complications

It appears a local crime victim has dies of injuries.  Reports are unclear as to whether the death is related to injuries sustained from the initial crime.

I snapped this photo recently of the "Crime Victim Tree" planted just outside of the new Collin County Courthouse.


As you can see, the tree has been removed and all that remains is a bit of the stump below.

When this sign was first erected, it was met with what I would call,  "non-vocal minority" resistance.  Why would we want potential jurors coming in from a parking lot to jury duty to walk by a sign talking about crime victims?

Maybe to poison the potential jurors?  Maybe just someone from the Government’s side not being sensitive to the whole "innocent until proven guilty" premise.

I find it funny that no one seems to be jumping to put up a tree dedicated to the wrongfully accused.  How about a DNA cleared victims tree?  We could plan one, for say, each wrongfully convicted year a man spent in jail here in the DFW area.

Nah… that would take up too many parking spaces.  According to the Innocence project, Dallas alone is up to 20 wrongful convictions by men who have served a total of 250 years in prison for crimes they hadn’t committed.


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