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The Police Know to Refuse the Tests… Shouldnt You?

In a recent arrest in Ohio, a police officer was arrested after driving erratically.  What I find most interesting is that he refused to submit to any chemical testing….  Hmmmmm….

It is interesting when many officers "encourage" or bully people into taking these tests, but when push comes to shove, they refuse.  Is it  really possible that only DWI attorneys know there is a fallacy with these tests?  Or is it at all possible that the police as well realize that there is a problem here?

Akron Detective Turns In His Badge After DUI Stop

Written by OJ Fagbire   

Detective Kris Hanzel, of the Akron police force, was pulled over last week when he was seen driving erratically.

He was off duty at the time. Officers report that Hanzel refused to take an alcohol test or any drug tests.
Hanzel, who has been a member of the department for 14-years, turned in his badge and resigned his post the day after his arrest.

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