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Radio Station believes Guilty until proven Innocent

In yet another instance of the "guilty until proven innocent mentality," an Indianapolis radio station has decided to do their part and read off a list of people arrested for drunken driving (DUI in Indiana). 

I wonder if anyone at the station even though, just for a second about what they were doing?  How about TAINTING a potential jury pool of people who would be instructed to presume the person on trial innocent until proven guilty?

Although I wouldnt be for it, I would think that reading a list of those CONVICTED of DWI / DUI that week would be more appropriate.  At least it wouldnt taint future jurors, or compound the problem of further humiliating innocent people that were arrested.  Below is the article.

Radio station to read names of DUI arrestees

WNOU-FM (93.1) is taking a unique stand against drunken driving in Indianapolis — by reading the names of the previous week’s offenders every Monday during its morning radio show.

"You don’t want to hear your name on this list, do you?" co-host Marco Anselmo asked listeners during the premier segment Monday.
To the tune of Inner Circle’s "Bad Boys" song, hosts of "The Morning Mess" highlighted a handful of drivers charged with DUI last week and quoted details from incident reports.
The segment promises to feature "prominent guest commentators."
On Monday, Sgt. Ray Poole of the Indiana State Police offered anecdotes about DUI arrests he has made.
Upcoming speakers include members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Gov. Mitch Daniels.

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