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The following is an article by Lawrence Taylor that is by far the best article I’ve seen on the "history" of breath testing.  I thought about making comments to it, and adding my take on each of the pieces of the article, but I don’t want to mess up his article.  It’s great just how it is.

During trial, in a breath test case, attorneys often want to relate the message to the jury that this machine is simply the newest contraption in a long line of contraptions.  The argument is that the state is going to tell us that this is up to date technology, and works perfectly.  . . But here’s the problem.  They used say the last machine was up to date technology and worked perfectly.  And the machine before that, and the machine before that.

Right now, in the Collin County, Dallas County and Denton County they use the Intoxilyzer 5000.  some use the en version, and some do not.  There is an intoxilyzer 8000 out there already.  On CMI’s website, they even proclaim:

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