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bray1I was very sad to hear about the passing of Jeff Bray (Kenneth Jefferson Bray).  I knew Jeff from our days at the Collin County District Attorney’s office.

Jeff and I were hired in 2003 on the same day along with one other prosecutor.  But it was not until I moved up to prosecuting felonies that I got to know him.  Jeff had already worked at other District Attorney’s Office and was starting as more of a lateral hire to begin work prosecuting felonies and white collar crimes.

I got to know Jeff when we were assigned to the same Trial Team.  We were assigned to the 296th, 416th, and 199th District Courts.  We weren’t in the Taj Mahal Court Building that now exists, but rather the courthouse at 210 S. McDonald.

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I’m voting “no” to all of the State Bar’s ill-thought-out and unnecessary amendments to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

Some of this post was pulled from blogger Mark Bennett who did a good job of compiling a lot of the information into one post.   It seems as if many attorneys have weighed in recently — EVERY ONE I PERSONALLY KNOW IS OPPOSED AND VOTING "NO".  I have been getting a barrage of emails, some from the state Bar, which to me, seems quite inappropriate and a pretty weak attempt to justify their new rules.  Paul Kennedy has some good info on his blog as well. 

Here are the redlined Rules. Here is the text of the Rules. See the Comments? No. Me either. But there are reportedly 44,000 words of interpretive comments that go along with the Rules.

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recuseImmediately after filing Brady Material – Favorable Evidence to the Defense, the Collin County District Attorney’s office joined in the Defense’s prior motion to recuse the District Attorney.

In the filing today, Gregory Davis, the First Assistant District Attorney explains that "[a]s a result of newly discovered evidence set forth in the State’s Disclosure of Evidence Favorable to Defendant, the State of Texas now agrees that the Criminal District Attorney of Collin County and the Collin County’s District Attorney’s Office is disqualified in this case."

Both of these filings follow my past article, "How To Gut Your Own Case: Collin County District Clerks Case." which outlined the similarities in the District Attorney’s High-Five paid time off program, and the District Clerk’s "Blue Book" time.

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