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WFAA – Collin County prosecutor indicted on record tampering

Here is a story from WFAA News 8 regarding the recent ongoings in Collin County and includes an interview of me.  I’ll post my analysis of this soon….



Posted on December 29, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Updated yesterday at 8:26 PM

MCKINNEY — Collin County First Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis was indicted on a state jail felony charge of tampering with a governmental record.

The legal action comes five days before he was scheduled to leave the job.

This is the latest shot fired in a political battle between factions at the Collin County Courthouse.

Greg Davis is the No. 2 person in the Collin County DA’s office. A grand Jury indictment alleges he "intentionally and knowingly made, presented, and used a governmental record with knowledge of its falsity."

But inside the courthouse, charges and counter-charges — with indictments behind them — have been flying for months.

Hunter Biederman is a Collin county lawyer who also writes a courthouse blog. "Attorneys have been indicted before; judges have been indicted before; but not the back-and-forth like we’ve seen here in Collin County," he said.

Outgoing District Attorney John Roach launched an investigation of district Judge Suzanne Wooten. She was ultimately indicted for organized criminal activity involving her election.

Then a grand jury affiliated with her court began investigating Roach and his office.

Roach investigated county clerks.

That led to an investigation of clerks working in Roach’s office.

All the while, a special prosecutor investigated Roach’s investigation.

That led to Davis’ indictment on Tuesday.

Davis’ attorney says his client is shocked by the indictment, and the legal community is uneasy.

"It affects us every day," Biederman said. "If the DA’s being charged, that’s going to affect us. If a judge is being charged, that’s going to affect us."

In five days, the power in the Collin County Courthouse will change as the current DA leaves office. But the legal turmoil is likely to go on, as the cases of Greg Davis and Judge Wooten progress through the courts.


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