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Toughest DWI Lawyers in DFW

Thanks to Robert Guest for pointing out this to me.  Apparently I was given the "honor" of being mentioned on the Texas District & County Attorneys Association user forums as one of the toughest DWI Lawyers in the Metroplex.  The post asks about:

[t]hose folks that make you gulp ever so slightly (or who you would recomend to a family member arrested for DWI – God forbid!)  From what I’ve seen, these are the five toughest or most successful, in DFW, when it comes to DWI defense:

4. Hunter Biederman

I’m interested in your feedback or lists so I know who to watch out for!

After the post was put up, it seemed that no one else wanted to partake in the mentioning of names. . . No surprise there!  Interestingly, after the post was put up (and pointed out to me), the names were removed by the poster — but now worries, I grabbed a screenshot beforehand.  Gotta love technology!

And yes, the names blurred out are my doing — I don’t make a habit of advertising for others on my blog…


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