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Watch out Frisco Kid(s)!

Although not directly related to DWI, a new ordinance enacted by the Frisco, TX City Council could have DWI and DUI ramifications.

The City of Frisco enacted a new "curfew" for those under 17, spanning from Midnight to 6am.

In my opinion, this is just another "solution" to a problem that just does not exist.  Although I like Mayor Simpson, he explained in an article on, that:

"We figured we were taking a proactive step so that our kids wouldn’t be put in the position of getting into trouble," he said. "And if Frisco was the only one who didn’t have it, you might have teens saying, ‘Hey, let’s go to Frisco, they don’t have a curfew.’ "

Based on his quote, it would seem that this is not yet a problem, but he is reading into the future and the minds of our youth that they will exploit our city by causing mayhem after dark in Frisco, opposed to Plano, because they will realize there is no curfew in Frisco.  Of course, there is no problem now, as this is a "proactive step," as stated by the Mayor.

Like I said, I like Mayor Simpson, and he has done incredible things for the city, although I’m not too keen on this one.

I’d hate to see "he/she looked young" as an excuse to stop our citizens of Frisco.

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