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New Collin County Courthouse

I thought one area to start the new blog focus was on explaining a little bit about the new Collin County Courthouse.

As of right now, there are two separate courthouses handling the caseload for Collin County.  The "District Courthouse" (handling Felonies, Larger Civil Cases, Divorce Cases, and Juvenile Cases), and the "County Courthouse" (handling Misdemeanors and Smaller Civil Cases).

The courthouse where most DWI’s are going to be handled will still be at County Courthouse located at 1800 North Graves Street, in McKinney Texas.  This is where they have been for a while.  Eventually, we are told that they are going to be moving into the new District Courthouse.

The District Courthouse has now moved from it’s location on South McDonald street to 2100 Bloomdale Road, McKinney Texas 75071. To get there, From Northbound 75 – Take Exit 42 & stay on service road to the bridge at Bloomdale Road. 

It is big and a little intimidating if you have never been there.  There is escalator access to all three floors, along with elevator access in the back.

First Floor — 199th, Auxiliary Court (Mag. Court for you Dallas folks), Law Library, Attorney Lounge, Jury Services, The Ceremonial Courtroom
Second Floor — DA’s office (although they hold docket throughout the building), Grand Jury, 219th, 296th, and 416th
Third Floor — 366th, 380th, 401st, 417th (juvenile/cps)

Other interesting things about the new courthouse:

-No smoking anywhere on the premises.  If you smoke, you must do so in  your car.
-Very nice attorney lounge on the first floor.. no clients allowed inside, though.
-A few rooms on the first floor allowing attorney/client meetings.  They are next to the Auxiliary Courts
-Clerks office is now spread out across the building.  The bottom floor (by the "$" sign) is where original filings for civil cases go.  After that, each court has a clerks office on their respective floor. Same for criminal cases… the bottom floor has a criminal clerks office, but after that, the files get spread amongst the rest of the floors.

That’s my 2c regarding the new courthouse.. hope this helps!  If you have anything to add, or notice anything wrong, please let me know.

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