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The New (almost) Judges of Collin County

Congratulations to the new (almost) judges of Collin County. 

– Scott Becker will become the next District Judge in the 219th replacing retiring Judge Henderson.
– Jay Bender will become the next judge of Court 6.
– Lance Baxter will become the next judge of Court 3 (assuming he is able to win the general election against Democratic candidate Sajeel Kahleel.)
– David Rippel will become the next judge of Court 4.

Looks like those with short last names starting with B (Becker, Bender, Baxter) had the election covered.  I am pleased this will even out our Judiciary with the overwhelming majority of late letter alphabet judges to take office, the W’s.  (Willis, Willis, Wheless, Wheless, and Wilson).  Maybe one day in the future we can elect a middle of the road last named judge in the N-O range. . . .

And before anyone starts to get on me, this in no means was a commentary on the Judges, just thought it was interesting that we seem to elect and appoint judges in groups of letters. . . .

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