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Special prosecutor called to investigate Collin County DA

From the McKinney Courier Gazette:

Special prosecutor called to investigate Collin County DA
By Danny Gallagher

A Collin County grand jury has asked an "attorney pro tem," also known as a special prosecutor, to investigate the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.
Collin County District Attorney John Roach issued a statement Thursday afternoon regarding the grand jury’s appointment by a grand jury in the 380th District Court by Judge Suzanne Wooten.

Roach denied the existence of malfeasance in his office and among his staff and questioned Wooten’s actions.

"The selection of this grand jury by Judge Suzanne Wooten raised more than a few eyebrows among knowledgeable observers at the courthouse at the time," Roach said in a released statement, "and this very action was expected when this grand jury was impaneled, given its make up."

The DA’s office tried to reconvene a grand jury last June to discuss criminal allegations against Wooten regarding an investigation into her office. A motion filed by Wooten’s attorney, Pete Schulte, claimed that Roach’s office has been trying to oust her from her seat since she defeated longtime incumbent Charles Sandoval. The DA’s office presented evidence during a grand jury convening, but failed to obtain an indictment against Wooten.

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