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Pre-Trial Hearings in DWI Cases

Pre-Trial Hearings

If we set your case for trial, we will usually have to attend a pre-trial hearing. This is a chance for me to file any pre-trial motions on your behalf, and help the judge to determine how long your trial is going to take. The judge holds these hearings to speed up the trials, and to determine the order and scheduling of the cases.

Just because your case is set for trial, does not guarantee that your trial will held on that day. Most judges set many cases for trial on the same day, expecting some of them to fall through. Different cases have different priorities of which cases go first. For example, if someone is in jail waiting for their trial, their trial has priority over someone who is not in jail. Additionally, Domestic Violence cases have priority over others. After that, older cases get to go before newer cases. But in the end, it is up to the judge in the court to decide which case goes first and on what day.

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