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Plea Bargains Aren’t Just for Pre-Trial

Many of my clients come into my office knowing that they want to fight their DWI case.  I’m OK with that.   In fact, as I have stated in past blogs, in general, there is very little to lose by going to trial on a DWI 1st case.

Despite knowing we are going to trial, the plea bargaining process is still an important one. . . even in counties, such as Collin County or Dallas County, where pleaing to a non-DWI offense will almost never happen.

Here is why it is important to get the best offer you can from the state, even if you never plan on pleaing to it.  If you go to trial, and are not successful, often the first thing done by the prosecutor is to look at the last recommendation given to the attorney in the case.  The point being, usually they will be seeking a tougher punishment after trial. 

Often times, you can come to an agreement with the prosecutor on the case… maybe a slightly larger fine, or a few months extra probation if your client is found guilty after trial.  If you did not actively pursue a good plea bargain pre-trial, your negotiating position after trial will diminished.

It is for this reason (and also so the client can weigh all options before deciding whether or not a trial is in their best interest), that I always actively pursue the best plea bargain possible pre-trial, even if the client has their heart set on a trial.

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