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Personal Experiences Show Lawmakers the Results of Their Actions

Thanks to Scott over at Grits for Breakfast for bringing us some quotes from lawmakers about .  In his article, Bill author says "overly punitive" Driver Responsibility surcharge a "mistake", he tells of of a quote from Former state Rep. Mike Krusee, R-Round Rock, who authored the omnibus transportation law that led to the program’s approval.

“My feeling right now is we definitely made a mistake — that it’s overly punitive,” Krusee said. “I think it’s past time to either revise or repeal the program. It is inequitable in its enforcement because it doesn’t take into account to a just degree people’s incomes and their ability to pay, because the fines, I mean, they’re huge.”

I’d like to commend him on his comments. . . it is not often we see a lawmaker (even former lawmaker) admit mistakes.

I think Grits forgot one big point, though.  Perhaps it was Rep. Krusee’s recent arrest and facing of the surcharge that showed him how punitive the surcharge was.  Naturally, he refused to provide a breath test — the only way that would help him avoid a 3,000 additional penalty.  But I guess he made out O.K., considering his case was dismissed.

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