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Judges Get Special Treatment in DWI Cases

I have reported in the past that whenever a Judge or a police officer is arrested, they always refuse breath tests (and here).  But when an average Joe is arrested, they will often submit.

Well, it looks like one judge was able to take it a step further and get his case dismissed.  In a recent article, "Texas judge’s DWI charge dropped," the Houston Chronicle reports that that the Judge had his case dismissed after a special prosecutor was appointed on the case. 

Naturally, following his arrest, "He refused to take a breath test."

Well, what happens?  The special prosecutor dismissed the case. 

According to the officer, the Judge "was arrested after an officer pulled him over for weaving. In his police report, the officer said Angelini’s speech was slurred, that he had bloodshot eyes, that he had to use his car door to remain standing and that he failed a field sobriety test."

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that a prosecutor would take the time to review the case before heading to trial.  But if this wasn’t a judge, THERE IS NO WAY THIS DISMISSAL would have happened.  Failed FST’s. Stopped for weaving.  Refused a Breath test.

Go on, tell me I’m wrong, and his being a judge had nothing to do with the dismissal happening.

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