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DWI Announcements, Plea Settings, and Pre-Trial Dates

Announcements, Plea Settings, and Pre-Trial Dates

Depending on the court, there will be 3, 4, or more announcements, plea settings, or pre-trial dates. In general, these are all the same thing, despite the different names.

No matter what they are called, these announcements are simply court settings, where I will have the opportunity to visit with the prosecutor and learn more about your case. I will speak with the District Attorney handling your case, get a look at a police report. I will also be able to drop off a video to get a copy of the video of your arrest and/or breath test.

Almost always, it will be me handling these court settings. Occasionally, though, I will have a conflict where I cannot attend, I may have another attorney cover the setting. Depending on the county and and the judge, you may or may not have to attend these settings. In general, you do nothing at these hearings except to show up and prove you haven’t fled the country.

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