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Crime Victim Commits Fraud on Public

About a month ago, I wrote an article Crime Victim Dies of Complications, detailing a certain tree planted in front of the courthouse to commemorate crime victims.  I took a picture showing that the tree had apparently died and been cut down.

I also found it interesting that no one puts up wrongly accused / convicted trees around the courthouse — that might actually cause a jury to think twice about convicting someone. 


Regardless, it would seem that the tree has sparked new life after (and probably because of) my article.  Despite the tree dying and being cut down, someone moved the sign, and placed it in front of another tree instead.  This other tree is now purported to be the crime victim tree dedicated in 2007.


Based on the sign and press releases from that time, they say "this tree," (singular) although it is possible they planted two trees.  I wasn’t invited to that ceremony, so I cannot be sure.  But I think there is some fraud going on here. . .

One thing is for sure:  The local bird population is not in favor of this new fake crime tree.

If anyone has any information on this coverup, please alert the authorities.  Well, I guess not, as I suspect the locals are in on the coverup. 

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