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Collin County Clerks Case

I stand corrected. I’m siting in the hearing now.  Part of the motion was about restricting the press in this case.  I figured this was just about a change of venue.  But so far the only questions asked are about how many articles have been published and the circulation. 

So far, Bill from the CCA has testified. He spoke about his articles and his circulation. Righ now Ed Housewright from the DMN is teatifying over his lawyers objection to his circulation.

Please excuse the typos .  i’m typing this on an iphone.

I have heard the term "motion to restrict press" mentioned which seems absurd in a PUBLIC CORRUPTION trial.  I dont see a problem with restricting the lawyers from talkjng to the press, but you cant stop reporters from writing about it.  which is why i felt the need tk write about this live.

Daniel Galliger is testifying now about how many articles were published and his circulation 

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