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Collin County Clerk Case III

All clerks charged were arraigned on the charges and all naturally pled not guilty  Although it wasnt taken up now, but was alluded to was that some of those charged may ask to have the trials severed so that they might all be tried together.

there was also a question by the judge as to whether or not the state needs to put that they are aggregating the $ amounts to calculate the thefts.  personally, Im not sure if that is accurate or not.  The judge also spoke about if they were all tries together, the need for a reeeealy big courtroom.

the judge talked about trial this year vs next year. presumably the defendants want a trial next year vs this year.  because of the change in administration and DAs maybe not being employed anymore.  The juge said that he thinks the trial should be THIS YEAR! 

This is so thise charged can gt a speedy resolution and the citizens can get an answer of hwat will happen to the clerks office.  Plus tht way new DAs dont need to try the case and get up to speed.  Judge is saying he is shooting for MID NOVEMBER.

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