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Collin County Clerk Case II

Well, the hearing is now over and bith sides rested and closed.  the judge ruled that the arguments dont override the first amendment rights of the press and denied his motion to reatrict the press.  regarding the lawyers and witnesses talking to the press, thats not restricted either.  but the judge said he recomends them not talking to the press but not ordering it.

hes asking for a "gentlemen’s" agreement not to talk to the press (judge).  saying it will not be taken as positive by the court. And he may change this current ruling .  but in the judges statement he said ‘i will be extremely unhappy’ if the lawyers talk directly to the press.

Walpole brings up he massive filing which I was quoted about in the DMN about. The 13,000 page filing.  i said hat t looked more like a press release than a true filing .  hes asking for discovery reaponses not be filed with the court.  judge said he hasnt read it.

Greg Davis maintains hat he files all discovery with the court so here is a record of whats filing.  the judge agreed with Mr Davis.  mr. walpole argues its really just a press release.  Hes asking for future discoery not to be filed.

the judge ruled that anything not business records be ahown to he court before being filed.



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