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Bill at the Collin County Observer is back again with a commentary & article on the DA’s office going after local officials. I will not be commenting.  Below is his unedited article. You may also want see a very active discussion on his "comments page."

Two local judges targets of grand jury investigations


The Collin County Observer has learned that two Collin County judges are currently the targets of seperate grand jury investigations. Court house observers I have spoken with suspect that both investigations are politically motivated.

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I have not written about a recent DWI incident because I didn’t want to soil the names of  prosecutors accused of wrongdoing.  Those accused have now found their names in print and put on TV.  I have chosen not to add their names to this article.

WFAA & the Collin County Observer have published stories, so I guess on a small scale, the cat is now out of the bag about the “story.”  Which in my opinion is not much of a story at all.

The truth is, if these reporters personally knew the stellar reputations of the two prosecutors accused and the great reputation of the defense attorney accused versus the young prosecutor accuser, they wouldn’t have been so quick to believe what they heard from the accuser.

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Today I had an experience with the Collin County District Attorney’s office that gives some great insight into the minds of some (not all) prosecutors.  The "Win At All Costs" mindset.

In general, I have seen this win at all costs mindset from prosecutors locally, and in articles around the country.  Arguments that get away from the merits of why we have the judicial system at all.  Consider a case where an inmate is requesting DNA to prove their innocence.  A prosecutor would argue not about whether or not that person is guilty, but whether or not he should be allowed to test the DNA sample. This gets away from the primary concern – is he guilty or not?  It moves into the realm of, should we test to see if he is guilty or not.

The illogical win at all costs argument is what I saw from the Collin County DA today, and it was shameful.

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I have been told today from several sources that Collin County District Attorney John Roach will not be seeking re-election. I haven’t seen an official press release, but believe it is true.

His campaign website says it is being readied for the 2010 re-election campaign, but hasn’t been updated in a while.

You heard it here first.

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