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Texas DWI – 10 Things the District Attorney may not want you to know

  1. They do not have all the witnesses available to prove their case.
  2. The Officer moved or no longer wants to testify
  3. The Witness who "called in" the DWI cannot be found
  4. The "Technical Supervisor" of the breath test is unavailable to testify.
  5. The "Breath Test Operator" is unavailable to testify.
  6. They has exculpatory evidence which would prove your innocence.
  7. They have evidentiary problems in proving your blood alcohol level.
  8. They have evidentiary problems in proving that you lost the normal use of either your mental or physical faculties.
  9. You will receive almost identical punishment if you are found guilty after trial.
  10. If you plea guilty, you will be assessed a $3,000 – $6,000 surcharge by DPS.
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