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Prison starts new DWI rehab program

I read an article today about a prison that started a new DWI rehab program within the prison.  In "Area prison implements DWI rehab program," it details the new program.  It is a "six-month initiative that teaches life skill lessons, alternatives to drinking and driving and the medical, lifestyle and stress effects of alcohol."

This should not be confused with the DWI Court program for misdemeanor DWI’s (usually DWI 2nds).
Anyone in this program has already been sent to prison.  Keep in mind, in order to go to prison, your sentence has to be over 2 years long — so this would be for DWI 3rd+, or Intoxication Assaults or Intoxication Manslaughter.  You can see the punishment ranges for DWI Felonies here.

The program houses the inmates together with other DWI offenders to offer support between the inmates.  Inmates also meets with counselors daily in group and individual sessions.

I’d be curious to see what the recidivism rates are for these offenders.  If it works, it sounds like it could be a great program for those incarcerated ready to change their lives.

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