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Longer Liquor Hours in Frisco?

Frisco is now voting on whether or not to allow longer alcohol serving hours for bars and restaurants.  The proposed (bill?) will allow restaurants and bars to serve until 2 AM, instead of the current Midnight.

I have been approached by many friends and colleagues about the possibility of Frisco having longer drinking hours.  The conversation usually starts, "wow, Hunter, this is something that will probably be great for your business, huh?"

So, here are my thoughts on the matter.

I don’t think changing the law from midnight to 2AM is going to have any major horrible ramifications on the great City of Frisco.  Nor do I think that DWI arrests are going to skyrocket either.  (Remember, I’m commenting on my business going up… for that to happen, it is presumed there will be more arrests).  Nor do I think that alcohol related tragedies will go up.  Hey, I live here too.  If I thought it was a major danger that was going to occur, I’d be handing out fliers along side this group.

I got a ridiculous flier in the mail regarding the vote.  It is a group opposing the legislation.  It has a picture of 1) a beer+ 2) a clock = 3) Strippers and has the words "why risk it?"  The flier proclaims that if we allow alcohol sales to go two more hours, magically, a bunch of strip clubs will appear.  We will also have to have more police working longer hours……Hogwash.

Other cities have these hours and no strip clubs started opening up.  I’m pretty sure other cities are dry (or bring your own beer), and they have strip clubs.  Anyway, the entire flier was preposterous.  Ed Housewright of the Dallas Morning News recently wrote his opinions here. 

Honestly, in summary, I don’t really care either way.  I don’t think there is a vast negative effect that will occur.  I don’t think there is a massive positive upside either.  Local businesses will probably profit, as will some of the hotels & service industries.  But either way, in answer to the questions I’ve been getting, I don’t think my business is going to change much.

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