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Justifying the “calling out” of Someone Being Arrested

Austin, TX DWI Lawyer Jamie Spencer recently posted about whether or not someone should "call out" of those arrested for DWI or other crimes on blogs.

He explains:

I don’t blog about so-and-so got arrested for such-and-such. It’s
-Not my style
-Seems like making fun of people in the same situation as my clients
-Not usually relevant to my ‘niche’
-Overdone by the cut-and-paste bloggers
-Not a case I think I know anything about, since all my info about it comes from the media
-There’s about a hundred more reasons I don’t ‘do’ that type of blogging.

I’d agree with him for the most part.  This was in response to my previous post, and others who constantly tell him "hey, you should blog about ________ being arrested!"

I don’t normally report on people getting arrested.  I haven’t once mentioned Lindsay, Brittany, Nicole, etc.  I felt this one was different for a few reasons.

1. It happened in Austin & my Collin County Readers wouldn’t necessarily pick up on it.

2. I was actually kind of proud to be what I felt was the first to report on it.  At least on the blogs I normally read.  I hadn’t read about it in any of the other usual suspects blogs. Posted 5/1 at 10:48pm.

3. I felt the importance of this one mainly because my understanding is that he championed the surcharge.  Also, one of the ridiculous things about the surcharge is that it doubles with a .16 reading.  That reason alone is a good one to refuse the test.

4. He decided to refuse a breath test.  I like to point out to my readers (as does several others bloggers), that Legislators, Judges, and Policeman.. when asked, all seem to refuse the breath test!

Anyway, there’s my 2c on the issue.

Oh yeah, and as far as the PC affadavit you Jamie points out, I’d start with the question of

1) An officer reading a license plate exp. date at 10PM
2) I thought the expirations were on the front windshield?
(possible explanation – l/p has only 5 digits, starting with SO.  So I’m guessing this may be a special plate?)
3) Interesting how this ofc. can tell the difference between metabolized and non-metabolized alcohol.

And all the other usual garbage…

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