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How do you get a police award? Arrest the most people for DWI.

In under three years on Ft. Worth’s police force, one officer is receiving accolades for arresting a ton of people for DWI.  IN the article, "Going after DWI’s earns top honors", the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reported today.

This officer apparently impressed the folks at MADD by being:

responsible for more than 20 percent of the total arrests made by his nine-officer unit last year. He has made 290 DWI arrests and more than 85 non-DWI arrests while conducting normal traffic stops.

Apparently arresting the most people for DWI, and you get to become the officer of the year.  I wonder how many of his traffic stops he conducts, smells alcohol, and determines they are not intoxicated?  Would guess not many, considering that many times he, "gives his potential third or fourth arrest of the night to another officer."

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