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Collin County Elections Ballot Placement

Recently, the Collin County GOP held their draw for ballot placement on the upcoming primary.  It has been said that ballot placement can affect votes.  “Position effect is found to account for a bonus of 0.7% to 5.2% of the precinct-level vote share per position on the ballot.”  Below are the placements for some of the candidates on the ballot.  Below that are some links and articles on the effects of ballot placement.  The entire list of candidates and their placement on the ballot can be found on the Collin GOP website.

District Judge, District 219
• Scott J. Becker
• Angela Tucker
• Wendy McMillon

District Judge, District 296
• Keith Gore
• John R. Roach, Jr.

County Court at Law #2
• Sharon Ramage
• Jerry Lewis

County Court at Law #3
• Stewart Matthews
• Lance S. Baxter
• Barnett Walker

County Court at Law #4
• Linda Wynn Drain
• Matthew Goeller
• Chrysti Bryant
• David Rippel

County Court at Law #6
• Shawn Ismail
• Jay Bender
• Don High
• Terri Green

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4
• Douglas Reeves
• W.M. “Mike” Yarbrough
• Kelley Don Adley

District Clerk
• Patricia Wysong Crigger
• Terrye Evans
• Alma Hays

Criminal District Attorney
• Jeff Bray
• Greg Willis
• James Angelino

County Judge
• Keith Self
• John Muns

County Commissioner, Precinct 2
• Karl Voigtsberger
• Cheryl Williams
• Jerry Hoagland

County Commissioner, Precinct 4
• Kathy Ward
• Duncan Webb

Ballot Placement Journal Articles

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Thanks to Center for Politics.  Compiled by Isaac Wood, Dan Boyle, and William Cooper, University of Virginia Center for Politics.


Hunter Biederman is a DWI / Criminal Defense Attorney in Collin County. He publishes his blog ( which focuses on the Collin County and Texas legal system. He can be reached at or (888) DWI-FRISCO.

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