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Collin County Campaign Websites

I thought I’d put together a post of all the local Collin County candidate’s campaign website.  This will allow the voters to see what the candidates are all about (in their own words).  All of the "contested" seats are in the Republican primary.  I have not heard of any Democrats or Independents that plan on running.  Therefore, whoever wins the Republican Primary will go uncontested in the general election. 

Below are simply the websites of the candidates.  If you want my take, just stop me in the halls of the courthouse and I’ll be happy to add my opinion. . .

If you have a site and I do not have you listed, send me an email, and I’ll be happy to add it here.  There are a lot of candidates out there — I did not purposely "snub" anyone, so please don’t be insulted if I have you as a "No Site Yet," or I left your name off the list entirely.  Email me if I missed you.


Collin County Court 2
Judge Jerry Lewis –
Sharon Ramage –

County Court 3
Barnett Walker –
Lance Baxter –
Stewart Matthews – No site yet

County Court 4
Linda Wynn Drain –
Dale Rose –
Matthew Goeller –
Dale Rose –
Christi Bryant –
David Rippel –

County Court 6
Shawn Ismail –
Terri Green –
Jay Bender –
Don High –

219th Judicial District Court
Scott Becker –
Angela Tucker –
Wendy McMillon –

296th Judicial District Court
Keith Gore –
John Roach Jr. –

Justice of the Peace – 4
Kelley Adley –
Mike Yarbrough –
Doug Reeves – no site yet


Collin County District Attorney
Greg Willis –
K. Jefferson Bray –
James Angelino –
Rafael de la Garza –


Collin County District Clerk
Terrye Evans –
Alma Hays –
Patricia Crigger –


Collin County Judge
Keith Self (incumbent) –
John Muns –

Commissioner – Precinct 4
Kathy Ward (Incumbent)-
Duncan Webb –

Commissioner Precinct 2

Jerry Hoagland (Incumbent) –
Karl Voigtsberger –
Cheryl Williams –


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