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A good week in Collin County

Well, I’m happy to say this was a great week for me and my clients in Collin County. 

Tuesday, 2 License suspension hearings, Wednesday Jury Trial, Thursday Bench Trial.

So I’m thinking, wow, how am I going to get all this done?  Well, Tuesday rolls around, and both license suspension hearings get dismissed — my clients ill not have their respective licenses suspended. 

Feeling good, but knowing I have jury trial on Wednesday.  I’m also concerned because the trial will probably take more than one day, and I have a bench trial set for Thursday!  The client is a personal friend, and I really want to fight hard for him.   Result – Not Guilty.  One day.  

Great, so Thursday rolls around, bench trial time. State informs me that the witness is at training, and will not be appearing.  (This is our second setting, so no way is the judge going to allow a continuance).  The state just stands and rests.   Not Guilty.

Truth is, Thursday’s trial I had no doubt we would win, but it’s nice to not even need to fight.  Of course, it would have been nice if the state would have told me before I spent time preparing for the trial!  But that never seems to happen.

So Friday night, it’s poker with the boys… and Saturday, I’m headed to see BB King in concert.

Not a bad way to spend the week.

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