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1310 The Ticket – Radio Publicity

Thanks to Robert Guest for pointing out to me that I was mentioned on Dallas/Ft Worth’s 1310 the Ticket.  They pulled up this blog, and the entry HERE.

Apparently, they show’s Gordon Keith was talking about Charles Barkley’s recent DUI arrest.  They were examining the difference between DUI and DWI.  

However, I think the information from my site probably is not what they were looking for.  My site lists the difference between DUI and DWI in Texas.  What they probably wanted to know is why Charles Barkley’s offense was DUI.  The answer is simple.  Each state calls this crime something different.  Acutally, most states refer to the crim of driving while intoxicated / driving under the influcence as DUI.  It is the same thing, with slightly different laws from state to state.  So, what Barkley was charged with is our equivalent of DWI.

Hope this helps, and if anyone from The Ticket is reading this, let me know if I can ever answer any questions!

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